Thursday, 30 March 2017



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Articles of Interest

Basin 4E-5 Canal ...
This new canal interconnect project is being constructed between the existing Basin 4Elake located north of the Lowes Improvement Center, and the existing Basin 5 ...
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Lake Harvey Project
The Lake Harvey project is 12.45 acres in size and is located at the Northwest corner of St LucieWest Boulevard and NW Cashmere Boulevard. The project site was ...
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Rainfall Water Chart
  You may wish to carefully examine the rainfall water chart.  As you can see as of February 2017 we received 0.56 inches of rain.  Last February we ...
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After negotiations between Martin Health, the city of Port St. Lucie and the Services District, Martin agreed to sell almost 12.5 acres for an eco-park containing a ...
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What We Do . . .
  The St. Lucie West Services District is a community development district established in 1990 by rule of the Florida Land and Water Adjudicatory Commission, and ...
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Cross Connection ...
One of our most precious natural resources is our drinking water. We can survive for up to a month without food but only around a week without water1. Our water ...
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Infrastructure ...
  Storm water seems to magically disappear from the roads in St. Lucie West.  But it's not magic - it's infrastructure.  Turning on a faucet in, say, ...
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Seat #5 has become available.  For details please CLICK HERE.

Precautionary Boil Water Rescission Notice

Notice as of January 26. 2017

 Precautionary Boil Water Rescission Notice have been issued for the following:

Effective January 26, 2017 the St. Lucie West Services District has issued a Rescission Notice  for residents at 636-645 Whitfield Way.
Click Here to View the PDF file.


About the Hurricane Season!

Keep you & your family safe

 We had a lot of luck last year whereby the Treasure Coast sailed through the hurricane season without incident.  Don't rely on luck!  If you have not started your preparation plans this is a reminder that the 2017 Hurricane season starts on June 1st and will end at the end of November.

Treasure Coast Connector

Extended Hours M-S

The Treasure Coast Connector has several fixed routes that run through Port St. Lucie.  Namely routes 1, 2, and 3 and connects to other routes along the way.  To find out about extended hours and other information, please CLICK HERE.

Irrigation Rule Change

Drought Water Conditions
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Effective January 16, 2017 customers will only receive irrigation one day a week.


To view the new rules, please CLICK HERE.